LUCINDA TAVERNISE “Mardin Market”, oil on canvas, 4'x 5'4" “View of Naestved Over the Canal”, oil on canvas, 3'x 4' private collection “Breakfast With Sabrina”, oil on canvas, 2'.6"x 4' private collection “Late Afternoon in Bergama”, oil on canvas, 16"x20” “Irina’s Place”, oil on canvas, 4’.3”x 6’8” private collection “Meadow in Northern Russia” oil on canvas 5’x 5’ “Chapel on the Sheksna River”, oil on canvas, 4’x 4’9” “Inside / Outside ~ Istanbul Cafe”, oil on canvas 6’ x 4’ private collection “Olive Tree at Pergamum”, oil on canvas 11”x 14” private collection “The Bather”, oil on canvas, 4’x 7’ private collection “Little Turkish Farmscape” oil on canvas 10”x 30” private collection
"Blue Window" 18" x 24" oil on canvas private collection "Mardin Window" 18" x 24" oil on canvas “Suzdal Window” gouache on paper 7.75”x 8.5” private collection
“Morning Light in Selcuk” oil on canvas 1.5’x 2’ private collection “Monastery at Ferapontova”, oil on canvas, 3’7”x 5’3” private collection “Sky Over Harran”, oil on canvas 12”x 36” private collection
“Study of Clouds Over Istanbul”, oil on canvas 18”x 24” private collection “Cloud Over Lyngby”, oil on canvas 16”x 20” private collection
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©2017 Lucinda Tavernise